Erin Hardesty

Erin Hardesty was the final girl of the 2003 remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She was portrayed by actress Jessica Biel.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)Edit

In August 1973, Erin and her friends are on their way to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert after spending some time in Mexico. A distraught hitchhiker they pick up on the side of the road would completely change their lives and launch them into a fight for survival after committing suicide in their van.

Erin and her boyfriend Kemper go to a plantation, where Erin is the only one allowed inside of the house to use the phone for help. When she returns to the others, she finds Kemper is missing. It is unbeknownst to her at the time that her boyfriend Kemper is dead, killed by Leatherface.

After finding marijuana in their van, the local sherriff begins to torture Erin and the rest of her friends. When her friend Morgan is taken to the Hewitt Home, Erin and her friend Pepper are stuck in the van, where they are attacked by Leatherface.She is devastated to see Leatherface wearing the face of Kemper, who she now realizes is dead. Pepper doesn't survive, but Erin makes it to safety.

Taking solace in a trailer, Erin quickly learns that the inhabitants of the trailer are in cahoots with Leatherface and the sherriff. The tea they had given Erin was drugged, and she ends up passing out.

Erin awakens, tied up at the Hewitt house with the rest of the family, Leatherface included. Erin is thrown into the Hewitt basement, where she come across her friend Andy, who is suffering with injuries that are not quite fatal, but he knows he will not survive. At his pleading, Erin kills him. She then finds Morgan, and together, with the help of a young boy the Hewitt family keep with them, Erin and Morgan escape the Hewitt home.

Terrified, Erin and Morgan barricade themselves in an abandoned house, but Leatherface finds them. Morgan sacrifices his life for Erin's and she escapes, running to the local slaughterhouse. She manages to catch him by the element of surprise, managing to cut off his arm with a meat cleaver.

Flagging down a trucker, Erin begs him to take her away from the Hewitt house, but the driver manages to track the sherriff and the woman who had drugged her. Spying the hitchhiker's baby, Erin manages to take the baby and hotwires the sherriff's car. When he tries to stop her, she kills him by running over him repeatedly. She manages to escape with the baby unharmed.


Hardesty is the same surname as Sally Hardesty, the survivor of the 1974 original film.

There was a deleted subplot in this film about Erin being pregnant.

Lauren German -- the hitchhiker -- auditioned for the role of Erin Hardesty.

Kirsten Dunst, Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba were all considered for the role of Erin.